These labs are dedicated for testing and characterizing materials for durable and long-life structures. This laboratory is able to conduct all relevant durability related tests including performing tests on already built structures for their audit and for designing their life extension techniques.

Durable Construction Laboratory - 1 : Testing lab for Durability Characterization of Materials comprise of following equipments as given below
  • Accelerated Carbonation Chamber
  • Accelerated Chloride Induced Accelerated Corrosion Setup
  • Water Permeability Apparatus
  • Compression Testing Machine
  • Elevated Temperature Furnace
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Under-Water Abrasion Testing Machine for Concrete
  • Accelerated Chloride Migration Test Setup
  • Chloride Diffusion Test Setup
  • Sorptivity Test Setup
  • Pneumatic Sand Blasting Cabinet
  • Chemical Test Facility: measuring cement content, absorption and sorption, water/cement and cement-aggregate ratio, chloride and sulphate content, drying shrinkage, alkali-silica reactivity test, resistance to acid attack test on hardened concrete and air content in fresh concrete etc.
  • Casting Facility: This facility includes concert mixer, vibrating table, curing tank, moulds, pallet truck, trolly, concrete cutter, dressing and capping apparatus, and all other relevant equipment required for preparing test samples.
Durable Construction Laboratory - 2 : Test Facilities for IN-SITU Durability Evaluation of structures comprise of following equipments as given below
  • Radar for Reinforcement Scanning (Ground Penetration Radar, GPR)
  • Corrosion Analyzer
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test Equipment
  • Rebar Locator/Cover meter
  • Pull-Off Apparatus
  • Pile Integrity Tester
  • In-Situ Flat Jack Apparatus
  • In-Situ Shear Strength of Masonry Apparatus
  • Rebar Locator with Corrosion Potential Kit
  • Gas (Air) Permeability Apparatus
  • In- Situ Acid and Water-Soluble Chloride Test Apparatus
  • Rebound Hammer