About GNEC and Other Facilities

GNEC IITRoorkee            

GNEC has evolved as a centre to showcase IITR’s strength and capabilities, in the fields of education, research, consultancy and emerging technology incubation to industries and organizations worldwide with the aim to accelerate the process of nation building. Since its inception, the GNEC is under the process of transformation. However, the pace of transformation recently picked up momentum and the outcome is a new GNEC having adequate facility to take up challenges of future. Director, IITR has extended his full support in terms of finance, guidance and quick decisions to bring out the above changes in the GNEC. The details of facilities available at GNEC, are given below: GNEC website address:- https://gnec.iitr.ac.in/

The Computer Centre at GNEC is equipped with latest hardware and software facilities to handle the requirements of students and faculty. It houses Seventy-Five I7 Desktop (Dell, HP) Computers (Desktop I7 Computer, HP Elite Desk 800G3 MT (Intel Core I7-7700) With Monitor HPv244h, NVidia 1030 Graphics Card with 2GB DDR 5 RAM, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD) And Twenty I5 Computers (Desktop I5 Computer, HP, Elite 8100 CMT (Intel Core I5-650) With Monitor HPv185e,8GB RAM, 300GB HDD Along with Three Dell Systems. It has a motorized screen and LED projector to conduct classes for students. If required, the computer centre can accommodate around 100 computers.

            Computer Centre

Internet bandwidth from PGCL 90 MBPS P2P link is available from main campus to facilitate the user to get uninterrupted connectivity along with backup of Airtel (50 Mbps) link.

The video conference room is a state-of-the art 100 Seater hall, equipped with projector along with latest video conference facility. Now it is possible to teach students at GNEC campus from IITR campus. This will increase our reach to conduct national or int


The GNEC provides hostel facilities for students and staff. The hostel is located within GNEC Campus. For this purpose, 104 air-conditioned accommodations (double occupancy rooms) and 3 suites are available. Mess facility is also available at GNEC. The mess facility for a small group (15- 20) has been started. This facility offers Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee and Tea to GNEC inmates. Catering facilities can be hired for seminars and conferences. An on-line booking system of Field Hostel of GNEC have been implemented through Centralized Booking System. The dining hall is upgraded with very good quality dining tables and furniture. A LED TV has been put in the dining hall with improved ambience. An IP PBX service for enhanced internal communication in GNEC has been installed up-to second floor along with three suite rooms and administrative office.

Well-equipped TT table, Carom Board, Gym have been provided in the Field Hostel.                        



The idea behind the Centre is to foster sustainable growth and to establish synchronization between construction industry and research fraternity so that more and more practical utility of the developed product and technology may be ensured. .Also,IIT Roorkee & NBCC Joint program opened 2 New laboratories to enhance Research and Development related Testing’s at GNEC.

Tides and iHub Divyasampark Nodal Offices started their start up office at GNEC IIT Roorkee.


01 Nos. of 750 kva D.G. Sets, 01 Nos. of 250 kVA D.G. Set & Major electrical panels for power supply & control. UPS for ground floor at Field Hostels in case of any power break down for minimum 4 hours. Additional 10 KVA UPS backup support has been implemented at Data Centre Recovery Site (With existing 100 KVA UPS support).

01 No. of Fire D.G.-250 kVA, Electrical panels for various water motors & 05 Nos. of Water tanks (Underground) for Drinking water supply, Fire, Horticulture etc.

The old video surveillance system was made functional after repair and now all cameras are operating. Some new HD IP cameras (one at Data Centre and other at Field Hostel) have been put in important places. IP Based HD Camera have been installed with 16 Channel NVRs up to fifth floor in field hostel.